Why are money counting machines used, and in what areas?

Money counters are used in all the places where companies wish to count, check, sort and pack large quantities of cash. Automating these processes rather than performing them manually makes them more secure, efficient and cost-effective:Counterfeits are identified more reliably, manual counting and checking processes are no longer required, administrative effort is reduced, and strain is taken off employees. All of this strengthens customer confidence in cash processing. Banks, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos use cash counters in almost all functional areas, from the counter to their back office or cash center; when cash is put into or removed from circulation; as well as on all transport routes. Cash counting machines are mainly used for back office operations elsewhere in industry – for example in the retail trade, catering, at gas stations or by transport operators. These devices reduce employee workload arising from routine tasks such as counting daily takings, sorting notes and coins, bundling, and identifying counterfeit money.


Posted 2 years ago by Lisa Kiprono