Grandstream HA100

The HA100 offers an automated failover solution for the UCM6510 IP PBX. When connecting between two UCM6510, the HA100 constantly monitors the operation status of both UCM6510 and automatically switches the system control (including all of the connected telecom lines, network links, auxiliary devices, and all of the SIP endpoints previously registered on the primary UCM6510) to the hot-standby secondary UCM6510 in the event that the primary UCM6510 fails. It can complete the entire system switch between 10 and 50 seconds depending on the number of registered SIP endpoints. Thanks to its smart monitoring and automated failover capability, the HA100 is an ideal high-availability solution for the UCM6510 to ensure maximum total system reliability and uptime.


  • Connectivity


    Connects and constantly monitors two UCM6510 together for high availability.

  • Automatic Switching

    Automatic Switching

    Smart failover solution that automatically switches to a hotstandby secondary UCM6510 if the primary one fails.

  • LED Indicators

    LED Indicators

    Up to 14 LED indicators showing real-time status of all of the telecom lines, network links, auxiliary devices, etc.

  • Gratuitous ARP forces

    Gratuitous ARP forces

    Gratuitous ARP forces SIP endpoints to refresh the MAC address of the new UCM6510 without interruptions.

  • Fast


    Fast 10 to 50 second system switching time depending on the number of registered endpoints.

Technical Specification

Analog Telephone FXS Ports
2 ports
PSTN Line FXO Ports
2 ports
T1/E1 Interface
1 port
Network Interfaces
2; 1 for Primary UCM6510; 1 for Secondary UCM6510
Reset Switch
Universal Power Supply
DC 12V, 1.5A
Analog Telephone FXS Ports
4; 2 FXS A, 2 FXS B
PSTN Line FXO Ports
4; 2 FXO A, 2 FXO B
T1/E1 Interface
2 ports; T1/E1 A, T1/E1 B
LED Indicators
Power, T1/E1, FXS, FXO, LAN, WAN
Network Interfaces
2 LAN, 2 WAN