Panasonic KX-HGT100 is a wise choice, an SIP Telephone suitabie for general users, workers in SOHO, and users in the office. Particularly for business users, this SIP Telephone is equipped with business-oriented basic functions such as PoE, 2nd Ethernet port, Hold, Transfer, and Mute. It is linked with Voice Processing system (KX-TVM,KX-TVP series) connected to Panasonic PBX (KX-NCP,TDE series), which will not miss business opportunities by checking the messages left during your absence. Even if the Telephone setting is too complicated for you to handle, this SIP Telephone functions sufficiently as an entry model which enables it to access Web settings so that IT administrators can configure system settings from the remote locations.


  • LCD


    Displays 16 characters in 2 lines.

  • SIP protocol Accepted

    SIP protocol Accepted

    KX-HGT100 supports SIP protocol (RFC3261) and reduces IP communication costs.

  • Hold, Transfer, Mute

    Hold, Transfer, Mute

    Support the basic functions necessary in business such as holding the incoming call, transferring the call, and setting the phone on mute

  • 2nd Ethernet port (for PC) & PoE

    2nd Ethernet port (for PC) & PoE

    Having two LAN Ports makes it easier to connect the telephone to PC both indispensable in business. Since this phone supports PoE, supplying the power via HUB hosting PoE will solve the problem of power cords around your desk.

  • Maintenance


    Enabling to access the Web setting makes it possible for IT administrators to configure the IP setup and other settings such as login, Password, Language, Advanced setting, upgrade firmware of KX-HGT100 on the web from remote locations, which saves general users the trouble.

  • Integration with Panasonic PBX and Voice Processing System Voice Mail Access

    Integration with Panasonic PBX and Voice Processing System Voice Mail Access

    You can access your own mail box in the voice mail (password is necessary), and listen to/leave the messages, and also set Automated Attendant, Message Notification, and Mail BOX with KX-HGT100 by linking with Panasonic PBX (KX-NCP, KX-TDE series)and Voice mail Processing System (KX-TVM, KX-TVP series).

  • Voice Mail Waiting Indicator

    Voice Mail Waiting Indicator

    If messages are left, Voice Mail Waiting Indicator lights up red and tells you of the presence of messages.

  • Caller ID & Call Log

    Caller ID & Call Log

    Display the caller’s name and phone number with Caller ID. The last 50 incoming, outgoing, and missed calls can be referred to in the Call log.

Technical Specification

SIP (RFC3261)
2-Line, 16-Character
Ethernet port to LAN
2nd Ethernet Port (For PC)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Support Codecs
G.711 a-law/µ-law, G.729A
Voice Mail Access
Voice Mail Waiting Indicator
Speed Dial
Last 10 numbers
Ringer Volume Control
4-Step + OFF
Talk Volume Control
Ringer Pattern
Speakerphone Volume Control
Dimension (mm)
Weight (g)
PBX Compatibility
.KX-NCP500/1000: PBMPR Software File Version 1.0 or later
.KX-TDE100-200: PMMPR Software File Version V2.01 or later
.KX-TDE600: PGMPR Software File Version 2.0 or later
Supported Voice Processing Syte
KX-TVM50/200 series, KX-TVP series
Caller ID
Name & Number
Call Log (Incoming/Missed)