Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX

Combining the benefits of traditional telecommunications with the advantages of contemporary IP technology, Panasonic’s KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX System KX-TDA100D offers a wide range of capabilities to optimise your company’s communications. Solutions such as Wireless Mobility give you the freedom to respond to important calls when you are away from your desk or moving around the office, while advanced call centre functions make it easy to distribute calls, manage agents handling calls, and control internal use of the phone system, improving communication efficiency and allowing you to serve customers more effectively.


  • Incoming Call Features

    Incoming Call Features

    Direct In Line (DIL), Direct Inward Dialling (DID)/Direct Dialling In (DDI), Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN), Ringing Service, Calling Line Identification (CLI) Distribution, Intercept Routing, Intercept Routing-No DestinationInternal Call Features, Internal Call BlockIncoming Call Indication Features, Ring Tone Pattern Selection, Call Waiting

  • Receiving Group Features

    Receiving Group Features

    Group Call Distribution, Outside Destinations in Incoming Call, Queuing Feature, VIP Call, Overflow Feature, Log-in/Log-out, Supervisory Feature

  • Answering Features

    Answering Features

    Line Preference-Incoming, Call Pickup, Hands-free Answerback

  • Caller ID Features

    Caller ID Features

    Caller ID & Incoming Call Log

  • Making Call Features

    Making Call Features

    Emergency Call, Account Code Entry, Dial Type Selection, Reverse Circuit, Trunk Busy Out, Pause Insertion, Host PBX Access Code (Access Code to the Telephone Company from a Host PBX), Special Carrier Access CodeSeizing a Line Features, Line Preference, OutgoingTrunk Access

  • Memory Dialling Features

    Memory Dialling Features

    One-Touch Dialling, KX-T7710 One - touch Dialling, Last Number Redia

  • Holding Features

    Holding Features

    Call Hold, Call Park, Call Splitting & Music on Hold

  • Conference Features

    Conference Features

    Conference & Privacy Release

Technical Specification

Control Bus
Original bus (16-bit, 8 MHz, 10 megabytes per second)
Communication Bus
H.100 bus conformity (1024 time slots)
Power Input
100 V AC to 130 V AC; 2.8 A/200 V AC to 240 V AC; 1.7 A; 50 Hz/60 Hz
Mode Conversion
Ring Frequency
20 Hz/25 Hz (selectable)
Trunk Loop Limit
1600 maximum
Operating Environment
Temperature: 0 C to 40 C
Humidity: 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing
334 mm (W) x 390 mm (H) x 270 mm (D)