Panasonic KX-UT133 Office Desk Phone Features

  • Certified for Asterisk and Broadsoft
  • 24 Feature keys
  • 3-way conference call
  • XML Application Interface
  • 500 Entry Phonebook
  • 3 Line backlit LCD Display
  • Electric hook switch (Plantronics)
  • 2 Ethernet ports, PoE
  • Green (Low standby power consumption)


  • High Definition "HD" Audio

    High Definition "HD" Audio

    The KX-UT series of SIP terminals offers 'best in class' audio quality, meaning fewer repeated conversations and misheard calls. Offering Wideband High Definition Audio as standard across the range, the UT series offer G.722, G.711 , G.726 and G.729a Codecs. Coupled with Enhanced Echo Cancellation and an Expanded Acoustic Chamber, the UT series of SIP terminals offers a superior audio experience to users over handset, speakerphone and optional headsets. The entire range features wideband compliant, hearing aid compatible handsets, and built-in, high quality speaker and microphone.

  • LCD Displays

    LCD Displays

    Large, clear LCD displays with intuitive User Interface offer fast access to phonebooks and features.

  • Electric Hook Switch

    Electric Hook Switch

    Low power consumption, combined with an advanced ECO standby mode means lower energy costs. Consumption can be less than 1 watt in ECO mode! (UT 1xx series).

  • Plug and Play Configuration

    Plug and Play Configuration

    The entire KX-UT range of SIP devices features support for extensive provisioning options which allow automatic, quick device configuration, using configuration files stored on a remote server, meaning a smaller administration overhead, saving time and money. The range is certified compatible with Digium Asterisk and Broadsoft Broadworks, ensuring excellent compatibility with leading soft switch suppliers.

  • Reduced cabling – One wire to the desktop

    Reduced cabling – One wire to the desktop

    Reduce the need to rewire the office when you expand your business. Many of the Panasonic SIP terminals include a second network port, allowing a second device to access the network with less cabling. This reduction extends to the power supply - all the UT series terminals support Power Over Ethernet. No more power adaptors cluttering up desks.

  • Integration with CRM applications

    Integration with CRM applications

    Connecting the Panasonic UT series terminals to a Broadsoft hosted service opens a world of CRM integration. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be handled from the desktop. By using Mondago Go Connect, access to a wide range of commonly used CRM systems can be achieved. Desktop and web based applications can now be used, offering productivity and a competitive edge.

Technical Specification

.LCD Display: Monochrome Graphical
.LCD Size: 242 x 55 pixels – 3 lines
.LCD Contrast: 6 levels
.LCD Backlight: On/Auto/Off
.HD Video: No
Install Options
.Desk Mount Tilt: Yes – 2 positions
.Wall Mount: KX-A433 (optional)
.Power Adaptor: KX-A239 (optional)
.Ethernet Ports: 2 – 10/100
.Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
.Bluetooth: No
Audio Features
.Headset, Speaker & Headset Volume: 8 levels (includes echo cancellation and distortion prevention)
.Ringtones: 32
Software Features
.Phone Book (Entries): 500 – each with 5 numbers
.Call Log Entries: 30 incoming calls + 30 outgoing calls
IP Features
SIP Accounts: 4
SIP Compatibility: RFC 3261 Standard SIP Server, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Panasonic SIP PBX
IP Version: IPv4
DHCP Client: Yes
DNS: Yes
Other IP Features
SNTP Client: Yes
VLAN (802.1q): Yes
QoS (DiffServ): Yes
802.1x: No
Plug & Play Configuration: Server based configuration, TR-069, Panasonic Redirect Server
Manual Configuration: Internal web Configurator, Local (LCD based) network configuration
Other Audio Features
.Ringer Volume: 6 levels + Off
.Headset Port: 2.5 mm
.Electronic Hook Switch Control Port: 3.5 mm Plantronics compatible
.Audio Codec: G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729a
Other Software Features
.Conferencing: 3 parties (within terminal – multi-party dependent on server)
.XML: XML application support from Q1 2012
.Music On Hold: Supplied by Host Service (PBX / SIP Server)