NC7500- Heavy Duty 2-Pocket Value Counter

The NC7500 Banknote Sorter is a compact and cost-effective 2-pocket value counter that is designed and developed to satisfy the growing demand for efficient cash management in bank’s branches as well as in any demanding cash-intensive business establishment.

The NC Series value counters and banknote discriminators represent the latest evolution in desk-top currency equipment. Their state-of-the-art validation technology, together with advanced electronics and sophisticated mechanics make of the NC series the best multi-currency value counters and discriminators in their respective classes.


  • Fast


    Extra pocket for less processing time, high speed processing

  • Efficient


    Capable of sorting mixed banknote by denomination, fitness, orientation with fewer steps and shorter overall processing cycle.

  • Accurate


    Counterfeit detection: MR, MG, CIS, UV, IR reflection and transmission, tape sensor.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Non-stop continuous operation with error codes. Use Software (End User Tool) to save and track each transaction by date, customers’ name, and serial number.

  • Durable and Reliable

    Durable and Reliable

    Designed for heavy duty usage and long lasting.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

    Easy jam removing, you can clear note path with easy access even without standing.

  • Fitness


    Sorting banknote by fitness or quality with its capability to detect folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes.

  • Multi Currency

    Multi Currency

    Capable of recognizing multi-currency based on character of each banknote.

  • Connectivity


    Can be connected to printer or system through LAN; operator can print out serial numbers or all vital operating results of the processed banknotes. Software upgrade could be done by PC, SD card, LAN.

Technical Specification

Feed System
Roller Friction System
Counterfeit Detection
Dual CIS
(IR Reflection & Transmission)
Tape Sensor
Ultra Violet
Counting Speed
1600 Note/Min. (Piece Count)
1600 Note/Min. (Denomination Count)
1200 Note/Min. (Serial Number Count)
1200 Note/Min. (Fitness Count)
Available Currencies
USD, EUR, GBP, Local (Optional) Up to 32
500 Circulated Banknotes (Hopper)
250 Banknotes (Pocket)
100 Banknotes (Reject)
Countable Note Size
60 x 85 x 0.08mm~100 x 190 x 0.12mm
5" LCD Touch Display
LAN x 1
RS-232 x 2
Mini USB x 1
USB-A x 1
Remote Display
Thermal Printer
MICR Recognition
Power Supply
AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Max. 150W
12.9" x 12.9" x 13.7"
330 x 330 x 350 mm
Net Weight
39.6 lbs.
18 kg